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Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist specializing in Integrative Oncology


After beating my own cancer completely naturally, I made it my mission to empower women to take an alternative route to tackle cancer.

Today, I specialize in helping women just like you overcome cancer 100% naturally. My passion is to help you use food as medicine and lifestyle choices as tools to help turn around debilitating conditions.

It’s time to support your body holistically to prevent and reverse disease. You deserve to enjoy a cancer-free future.


My Journey Started The Day I Found A Lump On My Left Breast...

It was 2015, and I was nursing my fifth child when I discovered a growth the size of a golf ball on my breast. At the time, I didn’t think too much of it. I knew I was suffering from some inflammation in the mammory gland (mastitis). So I naturally assumed the lump would disappear when my mastitis passed. 

But as the mastitis went away, the lump did not…

As soon as I heard the cancer diagnosis, I immediately knew I didn’t want to go the conventional oncologist route of chemo, radiation, and invasive procedures. I was 38, and healthwise I felt completely fine. So how could this be happening to me?

As you can imagine, I began questioning every decision I’d ever made about my health, diet, and lifestyle choices. 

A Few Years Earlier, I ‘Accidentally’ Discovered Holistic Healing… 

I had already seen firsthand the power that nutrition and functional medicine could have on the human body. Back when my oldest child was 3 years old, her dentist told me she needed 8 fillings and 3 root canals. 

I was shocked.

The dentist took me aside and told me to stop feeding her candy and soda - but we hadn’t been giving her any of this stuff! Nobody could figure out why her mouth was in such a bad state.

We searched far and wide for the cause - a search that led to functional nutrition and the impact that diet can have on different elements of the body. So we started to implement what I learned. And few months later, my daughter’s dental health completely changed. 

The tooth decay stopped, and her abscesses actually started purging out on their own. It was amazing.

From That Day On, I Was A Believer

I was so excited by the power of food and what it could do for our bodies. My entire family started taking radical action to live healthier and cleaner lifestyles. 

So on the day I received my life-changing diagnosis, I already knew I wanted to take an alternative approach to tackle my breast cancer. 

Even with this firmly in my mind, finding the answers I needed was still a very confusing and complicated journey. At times I felt completely lost. Cancer can be a very lonely place in the best of times. And when you’re trying to go on your own path to beat it, that loneliness is tenfold. 

The thing is, when you’re researching for answers, you can always find someone to say whatever you want to hear. It’s almost impossible to know who to trust.

My search for clarity took me to Mexico, where I ended up being kicked out of a cancer clinic for asking too many questions. 

I visited countless specialists, read book after book, and tried every test and diet under the sun… Raw vegan diets, juice cleanses, paleo, candida diet… Eventually, I was directed to a specialist who used evidence-based functional medicine and nutrition to tackle cancer. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen in traditional healthcare. She developed a unique protocol tailored to my body and lifestyle. Together we went to work to beat my cancer. 

We did tons of lab testing to see where I was with my gut and thyroid. I was also put through a battery of procedures like tumor cell cultures, high-dose enzymes, infra-red saunas, intense detoxing, and so much more.

A Few Months Later, The Golf Ball Sized Lump Was Gone

I was finally given the all-clear. My breast cancer went into remission entirely through holistic strategies. I had manipulated my diet, healed my gut, and detoxified my body. Now my body was set up to thrive. 

To prevent and reverse cancer, I had gone completely against the grain - not only of what my body was used to but also against what society says is acceptable.

Here’s the problem… 

Doctors and oncologists only have one specific field of specialization - whether that's chemo, radiation, or surgery. They don’t have the training to step back and see things from a larger perspective - so it’s only natural that that’s their first and only course of action. Addressing the root cause of your illness doesn’t even cross their radar, so they only ever see each client as a list of symptoms, not as a whole person. So it’s much easier to give a pill or a short-term solution and send them on their way. But this doesn’t fix the problem; it’s simply a band-aid that allows the real issues to fester until it creates a chronic disease like cancer (or yet another recurrence). 

So many of the symptoms we deal with on a day-to-day basis point towards dysfunction that can be healed naturally through diet and lifestyle changes.

I Beat Cancer 100% Naturally… Now It’s Your Turn

I refused to accept my diagnosis as my fate and chose the path less traveled. And I’m glad I did. Not only did it save my life, but it showed me how to help others on their journey to a cancer-free life. 

You are not alone. There is another way to heal your body and I’d love to show you how.

Discover More Working With Me

When we experience such a devastating blow as getting cancer, a lot of people automatically assume it’s our entire identity. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are so many aspects to each and every one of us. For example:

I live on a 15-acre farm in small-town Idaho with 7 children!

My family and I decided the best thing for our health was to move to the country and embrace the natural lifestyle.

Besides homeschooling my kids, we raise grass-fed cows, grow our own veggies, and have entirely removed processed food from our diets.

Yes, I got kicked out of a health clinic for asking too many questions…

I’ve always had an inquisitive mind and question everything I’m told. During my time in a cancer clinic in Mexico, they told me to “trust the process” without explaining what they were doing to my body. Alarm bells started ringing, and my questions led to me being asked to leave the clinic!

I was shaken by the experience but I am grateful. Because it sent me down the road to discovering my own solutions.

I’m a Board-Certified Holistic Nutritionist, 2nd gen Pilates Master teacher & published author

I truly believe the body works as a whole and looking at one area in isolation will leave you running around in circles. It’s why I studied and wrote the book, Nutritional Pilates: Relieve Joint Pain, Lose Unwanted Weight, And Prevent Chronic Disease To Become Your Most Vibrant Self. 

My Pilates experience puts me deeply in touch with our kinesiology and energetic systems. It all works together.

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