Discover Your Body's Natural Healing Abilities To Live Life Cancer Free

Embrace a Natural, Holistic, and Science Backed Exploration to Uncover the Root Cause of Your Cancer and Prevent Future Occurrences.

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I’m a Cancer Specialized Functional Nutritionist & Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

After beating my own cancer 100% naturally, I made it my mission to empower women to uncover and address the root cause of their disease and remove the black cloud of cancer from their life for good. 

I want to help you use food as medicine and make the lifestyle changes you need to help fight cancer and enjoy a happier, healthier life free from recurrence.

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The Cancer Freedom Program

Join my 12-month program to find the root cause of your disease and gain the tools you need to remove the fear of cancer from of your life. 


  • Comprehensive functional lab testing
  • Ongoing support at every step of your journey 
  • Personalized protocols 
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions
  • Private group for community and support
  • Access to a comprehensive educational suite with in-depth trainings and guidance for your cancer healing journey 


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Finally Get The Answers You’ve Been Searching For

Traditional healthcare can often leave you feeling like a piece of the puzzle is missing…

Living under the shadow of cancer can be an anxious and scary place. 

I know what it feels like when doctors only see you as a list of symptoms instead of a whole person. Or to sit through rushed consultations where you barely have a chance to speak.  Oftentimes you’re given no choice but to be put through radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery, with nobody ever taking the time to understand WHY this disease struck you in the first place. 

You probably already know factors like diet, exercise, lifestyle, and genetics have a role to play in your cancer, but trying to "crack the code" on your own just leads you down a YouTube rabbit hole. Every source you listen to says something different from the last, and you end up left with more questions than answers. 

Cancer Freedom is here to put an end to all of this. 

It’s time to finally understand what’s happening in your body. Join me, and let’s get to the root cause of why you got cancer. 

Are you ready to let your body heal itself naturally, and live a cancer-free life for good?

  Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You beat cancer once but you're terrified it will come back
  • There’s so much you want to enjoy and experience in life, and you’re not ready to let cancer take you away from your loved ones
  • Your experience with the standard of care, chemo, and radiation took a lot away from you and you want to minimize the chances of going through it all again
  • When you ask your doctors or oncologist about using diet, movement, or lifestyle changes to help fight cancer, they say these things don’t matter 
  • You want to take a whole-body approach to health, but traditional healthcare isn’t giving you the whole picture, and something is missing from your healing journey

Then Cancer Freedom Can Help You

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I want to work with you personally for an entire year to create a custom protocol that’s tailored to your unique body, medical history, and current diagnosis. 

The aim is simple: To help you understand the root causes of YOUR cancer and keep you cancer-free for life. Together, we will create a specialized blueprint to naturally support and nourish your entire body -  and integrate it into your life in manageable steps.


We don’t cure cancer – we support your body to fight it naturally.

Join The Cancer Freedom Program

My journey started the day I found a lump on my left breast. The day I received my diagnosis I knew I wanted to take an alternative route, but finding the answers wasn’t a straightforward process…

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Join the Cancer Freedom Program and together we’ll analyze your diet, movement, hormones, and lifestyle choices to achieve true, long-lasting health in a judgment-free environment.

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Andrea Smith
I feel confident and have a plan to heal!

“I'm so thankful for Katrina and her incredible knowledge! Before I felt pretty alone and aimless trying to figure out what was going on with my body, but now I feel confident and have a plan to heal! 

Katrina focuses on using nutrition to support and balance the body's natural healing abilities getting to the root instead of just treating symptoms! She is so kind and encouraging, and always available to answer questions. It's like talking to a friend who genuinely cares.”

April Borgelt
She has gone above and beyond for me

“I noticed drastic differences in my energy level and mood within a week of beginning the supplement and nutritional protocol Katrina recommended for me. She has gone above and beyond for me and my curious nature, and has encouraged my understanding of the interconnectedness of the human body. 

Katrina has treated me with respect and concern because she believes that my body has been created in the image of God and I am precious to Him.”

Madison Sloan
My stomach cancer threat was completely avoided!

“Katrina Foe is God's gift to natural medicine. She truly cares about me as her patient and friend. Some doctors would have given up by now or just given me meds to make the symptoms go away, but not Katrina. 

She has a determination to stick with me in searching for the root of my issues. This is the first time in my life I have ever made progress with my health - my E-coli has been completely eradicated and my stomach cancer threat completely avoided! I can't recommend trusting her with your health needs enough!”

Andrea Guy
Working with Katrina has changed my life

"Before I worked with her I had problems with inflammation, I was tired and lethargic all the time, and was missing out on life with my kids. I am extremely thankful for the time that she has taken to research, she has been extremely knowledgeable about all of my hormones and blood sugar issues.

What I love best is that she is always positive and encouraging about everything going on. Today I have a lot more energy, and I have been able to play soccer and go on bike rides with my kids. Thank you, Katrina!”

Misty Marr
She took the time to hear the whole picture and put together a protocol just for me

“I was so grateful to find Katrina Foe! It was very nice to work with someone who saw me as a person with individual and specific needs, rather than just a line on a list to check off. She took the time to hear the whole picture and carefully put together a protocol just for me. 

She was always available to answer my many questions! I was excited to see just how much improvement we made, even eradicating an issue that I had been chipping away at for many years. I highly recommend Katrina for your medical needs!”

“If you are truly ready to change your health and know you want to do it in a natural way, then I highly recommend working with Katrina”

➤ ➤

Tracy Henrie